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The MSMA Association has a Code of Ethics members are to follow to maintain the integrity of the association. It reads:

I acknowledge that I have a responsibility to conduct myself so that my good faith or integrity shall be not be open to question. That I will, at all times, practice and promote the highest possible professional standards. That I shall conform to all existing Bylaws and regulations governing the membership of the Mail Systems Management Association.

As a vendor member of the MSMA I will act in accordance with the highest level of professionalism when dealing with people in the mail systems industry.

I will encourage my customers and colleagues to join the organization and to participate at local & National levels and with other related programs such as education, newsletters, seminars and meetings.

I will strive at all times to place professional ethics before immediate material gain. I shall not engage in direct selling efforts during regularly scheduled MSMA meetings unless specifically and officially invited to do so. Furthermore, I will be forthright and honest in my dealings wherein a fellow member of the Association is involved. At no time will I exploit, for my own benefit, any privileged member information that I may have access to through my affiliation with the MSMA.

When presenting at MSMA events, such as meetings and/or seminars, I will not sell my specific product or service, but will attempt to use an academic or generic approach to disburse information that will cover a variety of the available products and services on the market.

I have read and understand the above Code of Ethics as a personal responsibility and agree to abide by these ethics as a vendor member of the MSMA.

There are many ways to get involved including membership, attending chapter events, serving on various committees, and various forms of sponsorship. Vendors to the mail & distribution industries are encouraged to take advantage of sponsorship opportunities as a great mechanism for business development and marketing exposure.

Month after month, we are encouraged by the feedback we receive from our members. Our membership is driven by value. We understand that time is a precious commodity, and we are committed to delivering high quality, intensive learning events. Our rewards are the testimonials we receive indicating that:

  • MSMA members implemented solutions learned during a single chapter meeting that helped an organization reduce costs, improve operations, and enhance their customers' experience
  • CMDSM certified members receive significantly higher pay after certification than before
  • Our industry is beginning to receive the recognition it deserves

Our chapter is driven by member feedback. If there are certain programs, topics, guest speakers or issues you would like to discuss, please contact us.


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